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No matter whether you are a blogger or a newspaper editor. You need images to structure your articles and make readers love them. Images are very necessary as they help to convey a complex information in a very simple manner. But you need to learn about image SEO that will help you in structuring your articles.

Howdy Crunchers! Here in this post, I am going to tell you about image SEO and how it will help you to improve your ranking.

So let’s begin without wasting any time!

#1  Finding the right image

image seo

Now, before inserting an image to your article you need to think which is the right image? Selecting the image which best suits your purpose and displays the information that you want to show is a good way to bind your readers.

For example: If you are writing an article about link building then you need to insert images that contain things related to link building or the email scripts.

So, select the image which is best for your article.

#2 Reduce image size

image seo

You do not want your image load slow and make your readers angry, don’t you? Slow loading images mean slow loading websites. So if you create your own images the chances are they will be bulky in size.

What you need to do at this point is that you need to reduce the image size by compressing it with the help of an app or software. If your images are small in size they will load much faster and this will not only make your readers happy but on the other hand, it will help you rank higher.

#3 Avoid downloading images from Google

image seo

The worst thing you can do as a blogger or a professional writer is downloading images directly from Google images. This is because you are copying things and this is not allowed if you are in the blogging industry.

So, what can you do to get free images? You can visit pixabay and search images of your choice and download them. Images listed on pixabay are free and stock images that can also be redesigned if you are a premium member.

The best way to create images is by canva. On canva, you can create your own images with your own data and you can put a copyright sign to make sure that it belongs to you only.

Note: If anyone copies your contents without giving the credit to you. Then you can visit dmca and file a notice. This will help in protecting your content rights.

#4 Use Alt tags

image seo 


If you are talking about image SEO then you can not forget alt tags.  Alt tags help search engine bots to recognize what the image is all about. You need to put the focus keyword of your post in alt tags. It is better for the overall SEO of your site.

Alt tags are very important if you want to rank higher. So, try not to avoid it. Make sure to check if you have entered the right keyword in the alt tags section or not.

#5 Write engaging captions

image seo

You know what about 65% of your readers get attracted by the captions and if you are avoiding captions then you are missing an opportunity and chances are you can lose your readers attention.

Captions are like the crown of the image. So, try to write engaging captions that sucks out your reader’s emotions and indulge them into that.

A late conclusion

Image SEO is very important from the search engine optimization point of you. I have covered 5 most essential points about this and I urge you to follow all these tips and do not avoid any single one of these. You will see your website climbing soon.

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Abhishek Tiwari is the chief SEO expert and Founder of "SEO Crunch". He is the wizard of SEO Crunch where he teaches about SEO and Marketing. Abhishek is also a good motivator and a speaker. Also, he always tries to learn new things in life.

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