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Do you want to get more engagements and sales with the help of social media?

Many of us are on all of the social media networks out there. Especially on the major ones like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Social media is an excellent way of getting more traffic on your website as well as customers for your business.

But the problem is until and unless you apply the right tactics, you cannot get much out of social. See advertising on social media is effective but not as effective like the organic reach.

Today I am going to tell you about the 10 social media hacks that will help you in growing your business faster.

So, let’s get started…..

#1 Respond To Comments

Do you know all the major social media platforms give more value to a comment than a like?

See, comments are very important for any social media website. You need to respond to comments in order to build connection with your customers or readers. Not only just respond but also ask them a question or their view about your product or blog.

If you manage to get only 23 comments then your content will rank up on any social media network regardless of how many likes you have. This is because people love to talk about that.

In this way you can get more engagement because you will build the momentum or chain and it keeps going on.

#2 Share Original Content

You know ‘content is king’ and sharing original content must be your top priority. This is because people want to see something new. Something they have never seen before or something that could amaze them.

But if you in a boring niche you can share things: tip & tricks or techniques that are useful and nobody has ever talked about it. That is called content innovation.

For example:

Mashable tweets hundreds of tweets per day but none of their tweets are boring, they all discuss something innovating and new. Like this:

So if you want more shares and want to win people’s hearts. Try building something new or at least renovate the old.

#3 Be Social

See, the moto of social media is to make you social and if you are not being social then it is not good for you and your business. If you are just sharing stuff that talks about your business then take a break.

You also need to share things that are not related to your business. Share a quote, a picture or any other stuff. This will help your customers in defining that you relate to them.

You can stuff from your personal life. So that your customers could understand what do you do when you are not working. Or something like this:

If your customer can relate to you then you can earn his trust and a trusting customer is a guarantee that he will be coming back to you. So, be social not to show but from your heart.

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#4 Write Short Description

This is like a bonus tip for you. You share content every time on twitter or Facebook or Instagram.

Remember to write short sentences what it is about. When you write these sentences it helps people understand about your content and they are more likely to share it.

This is because sometimes people are not able to understand the message you are trying to convey.

Also if anyone clicks on the learn more tab, it sends positive signals to the social media website that the user wants to see your content and they will push it up.

Example of one such content is:

So start leveraging short sentences as it really helps.

Here is a great infographic that tells you when you should post on social media:

social media hacks

#5 Leverage Stories

Have ever seen a story of Gary Vaynerchuck in which he says you to swipe up to watch his video or hear his podcast?

Stories get way more engagements than individual posts. If you are not leveraging stories then you are missing a big opportunity. People love stories especially if they are interesting.

Brands with stories get more engagements and traffic than those who do not. Now, the point comes where you will ask ‘ What to share?’

Well, the answer is literally anything that you think your customers need to know. The swipe action works a lot it helps you get more traffic to your website. It has a great impact. The only problem with ‘swipe up’ action only if you have 10K followers.

#6 Use Popups

I know you hate pop ups. But they are the best when it comes to converting a visitor to a customer. When someone is leaving your website it is the last effort you could to convert them and get sales.

You can leverage pop ups for desktop, I will not recommend you to do it on a mobile. Pop-ups help you in building your email list.

One tool to create exit pop-ups for free is hello bar. You can create popups using this free tool.

#7 Cross Promote Your Social Profiles

You are not only on twitter or Facebook. You are on all the major social media network out there. Cross promote your social profiles.

What I mean by that is include your Facebook handle in your twitter profile and Instagram handle in your facebook profile.

This will help your followers on Facebook to reach you on instagram and other networks. Also, it will help you gain more followers.

So start cross promoting your social networks.

#8 Start Leveraging Videos

These days everyone has smartphones and they love to watch videos. Videos will help you to reach a vast audience. This is because people do not like to read long form of written content. They love video content.

That is one of the biggest blog in the world ‘Mashable’ posts more videos than textual content.

Displaying information in the form of a video will help you get more traffic and engagements.

Start leveraging videos with your content as it will help you in getting more customers through any social media network.

Some Tools To Help

In the past, I published a post in which in which I mentioned 23 best blogging in 2019. I have used many tools to structure my social media. Here are two best tools that you need to use and they will help you with:

  • Content Creation
  • Sharing Your Posts

a) Buzzsumo

I have mentioned buzzsumo many time and it is the best tool that will help you find the content that is trending on different social media platforms.

All you need to do is to search for the type of content and it will show the stats. It will help you in creating content that works well on social media.

b) Meet Edgar

I personally love Meet Edgar and it is the best social media management tool out there. It helps you schedule your posts and share them on all social networks at the same time.

Also this tool help in scheduling your posts and now they have a new update in which the lovely Edgar could write about your post. That’s cool.

This means each and every thing will be automated if you use Meet Edgar.


These were 8 social media hacks and tools that I personally use and I recommend them to you too. It will help you in more engagements and conversion on social media platforms.

Do let me know in the comments which hack you loved the most?

Abhishek Tiwari is the chief SEO expert and Founder of "SEO Crunch". He is the wizard of SEO Crunch where he teaches about SEO and Marketing. Abhishek is also a good motivator and a speaker. Also, he always tries to learn new things in life.

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