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So you are here. You want to start a blog but don’t know how to start?

Here I am to help you with blogging and how to start a blog. So, blogging is a platform that will help you share your content or message with the rest of the world.

Starting a blog is not tough but posting unique and useful content and generating a decent income from your blog requires immense hard work and patience.

But before we jump into how to start a blog, let’s explore some common questions like:

a) Why do you want to start a blog?

You may want to start a blog because you are not happy with your job. Not getting enough pay.

It can also be because you are passionate about a topic or subject and you want to share your views and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Or it can be because you want some internet fame and want to become famous.

b) Does every blog succeed?

Well, this depends on the amount of hard work you do on your blog. If you are really passionate and put in the time then definitely you will become the best in the future.

c) How much can I earn with my blog?

This question runs around the mind of many of the newbie bloggers that how much money they will be earning with their blog.

In the beginning your earnings will be around $1000 to $ 2000 per month. But after that as you will move forward your earnings will increase.

So these were the most asked questions by the new bloggers. Now, let’s move on to the guide…..

How Blogging Will Help You?

Blogging has become a major platform for publishing content online. The content and guides that bloggers publish help readers to solve their problem in short span of time.

For example, If you want to search ‘how to tie a lace?’ there will a great article or a video available on Google that will explain to you step by step that how could you do that.

Another major benefit of blogging is that you will get recognition. This is because if your article or video whatever you publish on your blog will help other people. They will search for your blog and will come again and again.

What Are The Skills Required?

Frankly speaking you need no skills. All you need is passion for a subject. You can start blogging on any of the topic or subject that you like.

But if your mind is just to make money and not helping others then you will not go very far with your blog.

So, you need to be passionate for the subject about which you want to blog about. You need to be focused so that you could create excellent content.

Second, you must possess a piece of good knowledge about your subject. This is because you may not like to publish low quality or incomplete content on your blog.

What I Will Cover In This Guide?

  • Chapter:1 (Step By Step Process on how to start your blog)
  • Chapter:2 (Technical things in blogging)
  • Chapter:3 (Monetizing Your Blog)
  • Chapter:4 (Some Useful Resources)

Chapter #1 ( Starting A Blog)

In this I will be explaining how can you start your career in blogging and what things you need to do in order to start your own blog.

Step:1 Choose a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms out there like: wordpress, blogger,tumblr,medium. But as always not all of them are best.

Here is a pie chart that displays which platforms is being used by the top blogs:

Let us decide what you need to choose?

Blogger: It is a free blogging platform developed by Google. Everything is free in blogger. All you need to do is to buy and add a custom domain or you can use a blogspot domain and that too for free.

The only problem with blogger is that it has not enough customization options. So, there are limitations if you want to make changes to each and every element.

WordPress: About half of the blogs on the planet are created with wordpress. Now WordPress has two platforms: Hosted) and Self Hosted).

WordPress has a set of plugins that will help you in maintaining your blog. You have unlimited customization options with WordPress. If you can dream it, you can do it with WordPress.

All other platforms are not as good as these two are. So my suggestion to you will be choose from these two only.

Step:2 Buying A Domain

Now it is the time to give a name to your blog with a good domain name and extension.

You need to choose a domain name that fits best with your blogs subject. Here are some tips that will help you select a good domain:

  • Select a name that is brandable.
  • It must be meaningful.
  • Short names perform better.
  • You can choose extensions like, .com,.org, .info, .online etc. Most popular ones are , .com and .org.

Now after this you need to choose a domain vendor. So the domain vendor out there Godaddy. You can buy domains from there at a very good rate.

Godaddy has a very good reputation in the market and you will not any problem as their service is great.

Click here to buy domains from Godaddy.

Step:3 Web Hosting

Web hosting will help you make your website load faster and deliver your website to different parts of the world with the help of CDN. You can only be create a website with if you have a hosting.

It is better to build a hosted blog rather than relying on free hosting provided by Google or WordPress.

There are many site from where you can buy hosting but the top 5 are mentioned below:

So these were some of the best hosting providers. You can choose any of them depending upon your need.

Step:4 Picking Your Niche

You need to pick a niche before you start writing for your blog. Choosing a niche is the hardest job if you are new to blogging.

Here is a infographic that will help you with choosing your niche:

Step:5 Writing Posts

Do you know that there are over a billion blogs in the world right now. Standing tall is tough until and unless you are able to create useful and unique content that people have never seen before.

Writing an in-depth article will help you in ranking high on Google and get more traffic to your website.

Google uses more than 200 factors to rank websites on the SERPs. Learn more about it here.

Whenever you are writing your blog posts feel free to link out to other relevant sources. That will help you to display your sources of information and it will portrait you as a professional.

Here is an infographic by buffer that will help you:

Step:6 Selecting A Good Template

Now after you have done everything from choosing your platform to writing a post.

It’s time to select a good theme which is SEO optimized and loads fast. There are millions of themes available in the market. But you need to choose that fits best for your purpose.

You can also build a custom theme for your website or blog. The next option is to buy a premium theme according to your need. And in my opinion you should buy a premium theme and cutomize it.

Here is a list of best WordPress themes out there:

  1. Studio Press
  2. ThemeX
  3. Divi
  4. Ion Mag
  5. Pixel Grade

You can get the full list of best themes for all types of website here.

Well done! Now, you have started your own blog. Let’s look upon some technical things that you need to care after you start your blog.

Chapter #2 (Technical Aspects)

In this chapter you will learn some technical aspects that you need to care of after you start your blog.

These aspects are as follows:

  • SEO (Off page and On page)
  • Link Building
  • SEO Audit

Now, let’s discuss each of them

Aspect:1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a technique in which you use white hat tricks to rank high on Google and get more organic traffic to your blog or website. It helps you in increasing online visibility of your website.

There are two techniques in SEO and they are as follows:

Aspect:2 Link Building

Link building is very important when it comes to ranking your website high on Google. There are many ways to build links so that you get the maximum amount of organic traffic on your website.

Here are some great ways to build links to your website:

Aspect:3 SEO Audit

SEO Audit is very important for your blog as it helps you to determine the health of your blog. What changes you need to make in order to get more traffic, how many link s you have and on what areas you need to work on.

To get a free seo audit of your website click here.

Chapter #3 (Monetizing Your Blog)

Now the time comes when you think: Man how can I start earning with my blog?

Well, you can earn a handsome amount of money with your blog. Here are the various methods for monetizing your blog.

Method:1 Contextual Ad Platforms

You can start earning from your blog by placing ads on it. Everytime your ads get clicked you will be paid. There are many contextual ad platforms available out there like: Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads.

You will need to get approvals from the platforms in order to start showing ads on your website.

Method:2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning a lot of money with the help of your blog. All you have to do is to sign up for affiliate programs and promote their products on your blog and the more you drive them sales, the more earn.

Some good affiliate networks:

Method:3 Selling Your Own Product

You can sell your own product on your blog like, e-books or any other product. It is a good way to earn by providing your readers with the best products and services.

Chapter #4 (Some Useful Resources)

As you are new to blogging and you have no experience in it. So here in this chapter I am going to tell you some of the best blogs that will help you with each and every aspect of blogging:

Over To You

So now we have reached at the end of our guide. Now it is your turn to start your own blog and mold things and live a boss free life. Comment your blog links and tell me if this guide was helpful.

Abhishek Tiwari is the chief SEO expert and Founder of "SEO Crunch". He is the wizard of SEO Crunch where he teaches about SEO and Marketing. Abhishek is also a good motivator and a speaker. Also, he always tries to learn new things in life.

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