Wordpress Guide

Welcome, here I am going to tell you that how you can create a quality blog on WordPress. This the exclusive version of my blog where I will be giving you ideas that how can you make a professional WordPress blog. Here is the full WordPress Guide for you.

This Guide will show you the following things:

  • Creating a WordPress blog
  • Using Bluehost server account and use a domain name for your blog
  • Tips to make your WordPress blog grow faster and quicker.
  • WordPress plugins that you need to install and how to use them.
  • Essential SEO settings for your blog.

You can have your WordPress blog up and running in the next 10 minutes.

Creating Your WordPress Blog:

The first you need to do for creating a WordPress blog is to buy web hosting for your blog and the domain name will be the name of your blog.  You can buy hosting from Bluehost with a free domain name and thereafter host at $5 per month which is very low when compared to other hosting sites.

One of the major mistakes that many of the newbies make after creating a WordPress blog is that they don’t bother setting up some of the things that can create a huge difference. These things are very important to improve your blog performance and drive more traffic towards your blog.

These essential setups will help you out in every aspect of your new website and each step won’t take more than 5 minutes. That’s a really quick step:

In case you have any confusion in your mind regarding anything, you can drop me an email at [email protected], and I will reply to your query within 24 hours.

Now it’s time for you to set up a few WordPress plugins that are very important:

Wordpress Guide

1.Akismet Plugin

2. WordPress Yoast plugin for Seo Management

3. Super Cache Plugin

 Seo Settings For Beginners:

Some key points are as follows:

  • You must use appropriate keywords according to your niche.
  • You must define description and meta tags in your blog.
  • Also, you need to submit a sitemap on Google search Console.
  • You must use a simple template that possesses a classy look.

So these were some of the ways how a beginner who knows nothing about WordPress and blog can start his own blog just you need to be patient because blogging is a slow process.