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So, when it comes to blogging the best platform with a lot of customization options available is WordPress. It provides you with certain plugins or add-ons that help you enhance your blog posts.

Plugins help us in customizing our blog in a systematic and beautiful manner. You can do things like adding a simple payment accepting option to a simple contact form with the help of plugins.

Here is a list of some top notch plugins that you must have in 2019 to make things easier for you


WordPress Plugins

This is the best plugin for the Search Engine Optimization of your website. What it does is that every time you write your blog post it gives you a score and tells you how can you adjust your title and meta description tags.

This not only helps you rank higher on Google but also it helps you write awesome blog posts. yoast SEO plugin helps you to perfectly optimize your website according to Googles latest search algorithm.

Click Here To Download Yoast

2. Optin Monster

WordPress Plugins

One of the top WordPress plugins that help you create and build your email lists and manage them. Optin Monster is a great tool to gain more customers and increase your conversion rate. It is compatible with all WordPress themes.

This tool helps you create a lead magnet on your post and pages with exclusive offers which drive more and more users to your WordPress website. Also, it manages your lists and allows you to connect with your subscribers or customers by sending them emails.

Click Here To Download Optin Monster

3. Monster Insights

WordPress Plugins

Another great plugin by Monster. As great as the optin monster. This tool helps you to keep an eye on your websites analytics and user count. All you have to do is to set up your account and paste your Google analytics code in it and done.

You can now see how many users visit your page and how many are currently active on it. It is very convenient to see your traffic count without visiting the analytics panel every time.

You can also see comparisons in your user count by adjusting months and to which you want to compare it.

Click Here To Download Monster Insights

4. WP Broken  Links Checker

WordPress Plugins

This tool will help you find all the broken links in your blog posts. Broken are very bad from SEO point of view. It decreases your Google rank and decreases your income as well as your reputation in the web world.

To reduce this you will need to install this plugin. This will find all the broken links on your website and will show you a report that here are the links that are broken and here are those which are looking good.

All you have to do is to just set up this plugin and create your scan and select the type of links and errors you want it to show. But the best part of this plugin is that you can remove all the broken links in one single click.

Click Here To Download Broken Link Checker

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5. Elementor Drag And Drop Page Builder

WordPress Plugins

It is the best drag and drop page builder that allows you to build your post and pages. You can create and make all your WordPress sites good looking and gorgeous and attract more users.

This plugin helps you add animations and other powerful tools to your website. The best part of this plugin is that you can add anything anywhere on your website. There are several add-ons available with Elementor that you can install to enhance its usability.

You can install this plugin to build awesome pages and posts quickly and easily.

Click Here To Download Elementor

6. W3 Total Cache

WordPress Plugins

This plugin is best for clearing cache from your website. It clears all the cache and makes your website load faster and you will see a sudden decrease in load time. It reduces HTML size of your site and also reduces unnecessary java scripts.

You will need to check all the cache clearing options like – browser cache etc. This plugin will make your website faster than ever and you will be able to provide a user-friendly experience to your users and they will keep coming back to your website which will be very beneficial for you.

Click Here To Download Wp Total Cache

7. All In One Schema

WordPress Plugins

This plugin will help you create rich snippets with rating and images for your pages and blog posts. It will make users more confident whenever they visit your website for a specific information.

The rating and image will build a relationship of trust between you and your customers which is very important.

Click Here To Download Schema

8. IThemes Security

 WordPress Plugins

This plugin will help you protect your WordPress theme from any spam or illegal activity. Also, it helps you to protect your theme from hackers who make changes in your website without your information.

Click Here To Download ithemes security

9. Glue For Yoast SEO

WordPress Plugins

This is an add-on plugin that Yoast SEO plugin requires you to install when you create an AMP version of your website and its pages. This plugin helps the AMP pages work smoothly on any device without any issue.

Click Here To Download Glue For Yoast

10. AMP For WordPress

WordPress Plugins

This plugin helps you create an AMP version of your website. AMP version loads fast on mobiles and provides a great user experience even if the connection of the user is slow. AMP for WordPress.

If your website will load fast then the user will stay on your website and eventually you rank higher on Google.

Click Here To Download AMP For WordPress

11. Akismet

WordPress Plugins

Akismet is a plugin that will help you and protect your blog from spam and bot comments. Spam comments ruins your blogs reputation so its better to get rid of them and akismet will help you with that

Click Here To Download Akismet


So, this was all about the best WordPress plugins that you need to install in order to make your website work smoothly and become the best among others.

I recommend you to install all these plugins. They will help you to succeed in your online blogging career.

Comment Down and tell me which of the Plugins you installed and how it helped you! 

Abhishek Tiwari is the chief SEO expert and Founder of "SEO Crunch". He is the wizard of SEO Crunch where he teaches about SEO and Marketing. Abhishek is also a good motivator and a speaker. Also, he always tries to learn new things in life.

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